Joseph Heil

2017 52 Week Photo Challenge


Week 20, #49 Way Down Low–Yellow Chrysanthemum

Yellow Daisy 20180107 165913 004 (2018-01-07-17.05.10 ZS PMax).jpg

I was working in my studio and I noticed the back of these yellow chrysanthemums, They reminded me of laying in a field and gazing up at the sky through the grass. So I got on the floor and tried to emulate that perspective.




Week 19, #15 F4 Aperture or Lower, Sunglasses on the Beach

Recently I visited The Venice Pier with the Lakewood Range Digital Photography Club for the sunset & the rise of the full moon.  While I didn’t get any good moon shots, I did get this great shot of the pier being reflected into sunglasses. (Thanks for Deedie Parker for alerting me to this potential shot!) The sun had almost set and I captured this shot with an F4 aperture.Sunglasses on the Beach


Week 17 #34 Reflections, Stainless Steel Pipe Coupling

Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting 20171201 172826 001 (2017-12-01-18.10.50 ZS PMax)


I “rescued” this from the dumpster at my brother’s business, it has a ton of interesting shapes and surfaces.  I knew it would be a good candidate to be photographed.

The pipe coupling has 4 bands, however, only  the top band that appears in this photograph is not part of the refection. Everything below the top band is a reflection.  I like how the top band forces your eye to the upper right hand corner of the photo. While, the mechanism to tighten the clamp (called a worm gear), stops your eye and makes you pause to study the photo.


Week 16, #25 25–Intentional Camera Movement, Christmas Ornament


Green Christmas Bulb 20171213 082652 019 Crop 2

I’ve had this Christmas Ornament forever, it has lots of interesting angles and colors–it looked spotless and I set it up to be photographed..  However, once I got it under the lights and my camera lens, I realized it was covered with little specks of dust. Not one to be easily deterred, I ran it under water and gently  washed it.   Low and behold, half of the fake stained glass paint cracked and began to peel off.

At this point I decided it was the perfect candidate for an intentional camera movement photo.  I back lit the ornament.  I love the different colors, it almost looks tropical.


Week 15, #16 Favorite Holiday

It was hard for me to chose between Thanksgiving and Christmas as my favorite holiday.

Thanksgiving is less harried, a time to catch-up with friends and family and enjoy a great meal.  While during Christmas (which to me, is the Holiday Season, that time between Thanksgiving and Christmas) many people are overly stressed getting ready for the big day.  However, during the Holiday Season the world seems a little more at peace.


Week 14, #7 Blue Hour — Lake Maggiore

20170502_0708 Blue Hour

Blue Hour, that magical time between sunset and night when the sky changes from warm tones to cool tones.  The sun is below the horizon but its blue wave length’s of light are being reflected from the atmosphere back to earth, while the yellow and red light pass through the atmosphere and out into space (you learn these things when you photograph sunsets).

Having grown up on the East Coast, coupled with living in the Midwest for almost 20 years,  I never paid much attention to sunsets.  That is until I moved to the Gulf Coast of Florida, which has to be one of the top locations in the world to see stunning sunsets.

I captured this particular Blue Hour at Lake Maggiore, one of St Pete’s photography gems that Beth Reynolds shared with me, it was about 20 minutes after sunset.  It was very peaceful and quiet as the sun slipped below the horizon, and it suddenly felt chilly as the day ended.