Week 35, Theme 26–Loneliness

Withered Mum

I struggled a bit with this theme. I captured more than a few photos that I thought represented solitude but not necessarily loneliness. I felt this withered (aka dying) mum caught the feeling. Let me know what you think!


Week 34, Theme 46 Fear—Watch Out for the Shark

St Pete has a vibrant art scene and its street art is no exception. When you stroll around the city, you quickly discover it has many murals covering walls, electrical boxes and even the streets.

According to visitflorida.com “The growth of the central business district murals dates back to 2010, when major redevelopment plans for the entire 600 block of Central collapsed. Instead, the block became an artists’ colony of sorts, packed with independent galleries, boutiques and restaurants brought on at deeply discounted rents. Behind the stores, in the alley, the murals started appearing, each one more colorful, clever and sometimes funnier than the last. ”

The popularity of the murals spawned the “Shine St. Petersburg Mural Festival” (ShineOnStPete.com) that now attracts both local and international mural artist.

This one is located in the alley at 687 Central Ave.

Week 33, Theme 32 Square – Breeze Blocks

Breeze blocks were popular in the architecture of the 1950s and 60s and were used extensively, in both houses and commercial buildings…especially in hot climates like Florida.

I found this example in front of a 1950s apartment building about a mile from my house six months ago and thought it would be perfect for the square theme. However, I have never been able to capture the shot I envisioned— just before sunrise or just after sunset where the breezeway is lit, so I created my own version with a composite.

Week 30, Theme 23 Balance–Badwater Basin

Badwater Basin

There are many types of balance in photography and I think this photo is a good example of
black & white tonal balance. I like the way the pathway balances out the white in the sky and the sides balances out the dark areas of the sky.

Badwater Basin is in Death Valley National Park and it’s the lowest point in North America, some 280 feet below sea level. The area has a small spring fed pool but the salt in the surrounding basin makes the water undrinkable, hence the name “Badwater Basin”.

Week 29, Theme 37 HDR–Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Sunshine Skyway Bridge at Sunset

While driving home from Sarasota on Tuesday, April 8 I noticed the sky turning this brilliant red/orange and I thought “I hope I make it to the Skyway Bridge by sunset”.

By the time I arrived at the toll booth, the sun had started to slip below the horizon, so I quickly made my way to the park on the south side of the bridge. I took a bracket of shots to get 
the various exposures of sky, bridge, water and rocks but I didn’t like the way the water looked, so I took an additional shot with a 10 ND filter to smooth it out.

I did the HDR merge using Photoshop then overlaid the water the shot I took with the ND filter.

The bracket of shots were taken at f/8.0, ISO 100, 105mm, the water was a 25.0 second exposure @ f/4.0, ISO 1600, 105mm.