Week 3, Theme 10–Leading Lines

Lake Maggiore Sunset _48A0178

Photography can be described as the “art of seeing”.  There are many elements of composition when used properly will entice the view to linger in the photo for a longer period of time.   One of my favorite techniques is to use leading lines, both perceived and actual to enable your eye to lead you to the subject.  In this photo, the lines of the pilings lead you out the the spectacular sunset and the subjects enjoying a quiet moment.  


Week 2, Theme 2—Quiet Moment

I came across this person while enjoying a walk in Vinoy Park .  I thought “he’s enjoying a quiet moment of reflection.”

Kelby Walk_MG_0321 Quiet Moment2.jpg

Or is he just on his cell phone?

Week 1, Theme 1—Zoom Burst

It’s the first week of October and it’s time to start the LWRDPC’s 2018-2019 52-Week Photo Challenge.

I decided to tackle the first theme, Zoom Burst. This is a technique where you focus on an item and either zoom in or out while taking the photo. This make the blur radiate outward from the center of the photo. In effect making the photo appear to be coming out of frame.

I came up with the idea of doing it at night on the taillights of my car, which run the width of the car sans a small part in the center. This not only produced the effect of having the lights appear 3 dimensional, but also of moving from side to side.

I also like the way it looks in black & white.