Week 37, Theme 8 Wild Card, Water Lily

Water Lily

I visited the Florida Botanical Gardens in June to photograph the water lilies…to my surprise only one was in bloom. It was not in a great location for a photograph, as it was surrounded by other foliage which created a busy background. So I put my photoshop skills to use by applying a split tone filter to separate the green plants from the lily and mirroring the flower to give it a reflection.

Week 34, Theme 46 Fear—Watch Out for the Shark

St Pete has a vibrant art scene and its street art is no exception. When you stroll around the city, you quickly discover it has many murals covering walls, electrical boxes and even the streets.

According to visitflorida.com “The growth of the central business district murals dates back to 2010, when major redevelopment plans for the entire 600 block of Central collapsed. Instead, the block became an artists’ colony of sorts, packed with independent galleries, boutiques and restaurants brought on at deeply discounted rents. Behind the stores, in the alley, the murals started appearing, each one more colorful, clever and sometimes funnier than the last. ”

The popularity of the murals spawned the “Shine St. Petersburg Mural Festival” (ShineOnStPete.com) that now attracts both local and international mural artist.

This one is located in the alley at 687 Central Ave.