Week 6, Theme 29 Sky Overlay, Looking Up Through The Trees

This stand of Birch trees in Maine reminded me of being young and looking up through the trees at the sky.

I set my tripod low to the ground and pointed my camera, with a wide angle lens, straight up. It was a nice day but the sky was hazy so I inserted a sky that was more what I was envisioning when I took the shot.


Week 5, Theme 30 Dried–End of Summer

The crisp air in Maine brought with it the end of summer….

Danny’s sister pointed out this dried Canadian Thistle (I believe this is the correct classification) while we were scoping out a sunset location in Palermo, Maine.  I’m glad I decided to photograph it then and there, because 5 minutes later the sun slipped behind the clouds and was gone for the day!

A few fun facts I discovered about Canadian Thistle: it’s a perennial native throughout Europe and northern Asia and it’s believed it was introduced in the states in the late 18th century via a contaminated cereal seed crop.  A one year old plant may have as many as 200 buds, which results in over 40,000 seeds that remain viable for up to 21 years.  Though the plant is beneficial for pollinators that rely on nectar, it is considered a noxious weed in many countries including the United States.

This particular thistle looks like it had a good summer,  it was over 3 feet tall and had lots of flowers.  Notice how some of them are still pointing towards the sky, as if not ready to give up, and the others are nodding towards the ground, accepting the fact that summer is gone.

Palermo Sunset on Hill _48A2372-with Border_Luminar2018-edit (FB)


Week 4, Theme 25—Straight Out of Camera, Purple and Green Mum


Why are “straight out of camera” photos so hard to share?  I think it’s because we as photographers sometimes underestimate our ability and rely too much on post processing.  I recently purchased the new iPhone XS mainly because of the new upgraded camera.  For this weeks challenge I decided to experiment with the new  camera capabilities by taking a quick shot of this purple mum with kitchen counter lights – extremely basic.  This shot is SOOC from my iPhone – and I have to say – it really doesn’t need much editing.  Getting it right in camera (iPhone included) saves editing time.  I think you might be seeing more of my SOOC camera photos in the future!

Week 3, Theme 10—Leading Lines

Lake Maggiore Sunset _48A0178

Photography can be described as the “art of seeing”.  There are many elements of composition when used properly will entice the view to linger in the photo for a longer period of time.   One of my favorite techniques is to use leading lines, both perceived and actual to enable your eye to lead you to the subject.  In this photo, the lines of the pilings lead you out the the spectacular sunset and the subjects enjoying a quiet moment.  

Week 1, Theme 1—Zoom Burst

It’s the first week of October and it’s time to start the LWRDPC’s 2018-2019 52-Week Photo Challenge.

I decided to tackle the first theme, Zoom Burst. This is a technique where you focus on an item and either zoom in or out while taking the photo. This make the blur radiate outward from the center of the photo. In effect making the photo appear to be coming out of frame.

I came up with the idea of doing it at night on the taillights of my car, which run the width of the car sans a small part in the center. This not only produced the effect of having the lights appear 3 dimensional, but also of moving from side to side.

I also like the way it looks in black & white.